Action and Advocacy

democracy.jpgAction and Advocacy are important roles for the League. We keep on top of what is going on at the local level in order to identify problems or issues that merit League or community attention, and then act as necessary to enable that community attention. Our League programs regularly include:

Adopting major issues for study and preparing detailed fact sheets on the findings. In scope, these studies could be on national, state, or local issues.

Bringing research findings to the attention of League members for debate and discussion with the objective of reaching consensus positions which the League then adopts.

If action or advocacy is needed on an issue where the League has a position, we move to the forefront equipped with solid facts and study materials that help present the organization's views. We do that by writing letters, calling legislators, testifying at hearings, writing to the media or other interested groups and organizations to bring about a desired policy or legislative result.


We're Part of the Whole

 The issues that LWV studies and works to resolve span the gamut of social, environmental, governmental and international problems. We will use these pages to keep you apprised of some of our top level concerns and what we are trying to do about them.

The League of Women Voters of Harford County is a small part of a large national organization with a program of investigating issues, forming positions and acting once we come to consensus. We at the local level participate in this effort. We will highlight below issues of interest to the League of Women Voters at the national, state or local levels.